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Blog 3

December 12, 2022


- Vessel booking and loading / unloading readiness

  • Arranging price-competitive vessel charters / freight booking

  • Serving as single-point contact for all coordination with vessel agent / operator 

  • Coordinating with vessel operator / agent for precise planning of transportation and loading schedule

  • Ensuring that loaded vehicles are ready under-the-hook as per vessel loading schedule

  • After completion of loading operations, collecting the MATE Receipt from the vessel operator / agent  

- Transportation and loading / unloading

  • Transportation from factory to port / port to factory with precise planning which limits detention and damage risk; for e.g.:

    • Simulation run before actual shipment

    • Excess backup supply of vehicles/drivers to ensure movement remains smooth

    • Appropriate and abundant lashing – valuable cargo must remain secure

  • Arranging forklift/crane for unloading  / loading activities at port storage area / vessel berthing point

  • Arranging gate pass for smooth entry / exit of trailers arriving at MBPA for carting

- Storage at port

  • Liaising with port authorities to aim to obtain covered shed storage (instead of open area)

  • Giving personal attention and ensuring optimal storage conditions (e.g., pallets, tarpaulin, pest control)

  • 24/7 private security 

- Customs Clearance 

  • Timely Customs Clearance formalities

    • Experienced in steel coils, steel bars, heavy machinery, automobiles (CBUs) (strong capability: 2,000 cars at a time)

    • Filing of BOE and advanced submission of supporting documents

    • Examination & obtaining OOC

    • Completing port formalities

  • Continuous stakeholder coordination (between customer, Customs, vessel agent, port authorities) to ensure timely operations


We are reliable, experienced and capable. A few of our USPs:

(1) Meticulous planning & SOPs arising from decades of experience

(2) Goodwill and reputation of Nagarkot brand at MBPA

(3) Loyal, dedicated & trained manpower working with us for last 30+ years

(4) We are one of the very few logistics companies with special permission from MBPT for our own exclusive office INSIDE MBPA which eases operations(5) Continuous personal supervision & live decision-making by top management